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Vehicles Robbery and Theft Registered in São Paulo Polices Stations

Moving forward with crimes committed analysis in São Paulo city, this time I studied vehicles robbery and theft registered in São Paulo Polices Stations in 2017. First of all, it's worth to explain the difference between robbery and theft. Robbery is a crime committed with violence or threat. Theft doesn't involve violence or threat. Now, talking about the study, a robbery heat map is presented below:

Analyzing the robbery heat map, we can notice a major quantity of robbery cases in edges of São Paulo city. One possible reason is the amount of people who circulate in that region.

The theft heat map is:

Analyzing the theft map, we can notice more theft cases in São Paulo downtown. probably because there are more people circulating in this region, which stokes a violent action from the thief.

Comparing both scenarios, there is no correlation between robbery and theft. This means regions where there are more thefts not necessarily there are the regions with more robberies, or vice-versa. It's possible to affirm that by its pearson coefficient, which in this case is 0.25. Another way to ratify this is analyzing its graphic, there is no tendency between the points plotted below.

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