Using IoT in the Restaurant Industry: Is it Accelerating Business Growth?

Mouth-watering dishes, some secret sauces, relaxed ambiance, expert chefs. 

Is this enough to run a restaurant business successfully today and get an edge over competitors? A big NO. 

Modern tech solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, CRM, Cloud computing, etc., have definitely transformed the way business operates. Among all, IoT is the emerging technology that has gotten much impetus to boost sales of any business. 

The Internet of Things has already made its way in a huge spectrum of areas such as manufacturing, smart buildings, logistics, and operations, so how could the restaurant industry be left behind? Now restaurants are adopting IoT solutions as it helps them create real value for businesses and dramatically enhance the restaurant business's efficiency. 

Being living in a tech-era, the world around us is continually changing, and that has left us all awestruck for sure. In the above chart, here you can see the global IoT market will soon hit the $1trillion mark. The restaurant industry is leaving no stone unturned and adopting emerging technology solutions to improve the efficiency of the business and enhance customer service. 

Internet of Things Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry 

According to the research conducted by the Tuck School of Business, there will be more than 12-13 billion internet-connected devices by 2021. The usefulness of IoT will not only improve customer service but also offers numerous benefits to entrepreneurs. 

For restaurants, it is the right time to harness the power of modern technology solutions. Doing so entails improving customer service, more personalized experience, and more upscale business rapidly. IoT in the restaurant business is the most emerging advancements that will generate accurate customer data and benefit restaurants to make informed decisions. 

Smooth operations have always been a critical part of the restaurant sector. IoT solutions allow restaurants to optimize their business, deliver a more personalized experience to customers. Moreover, it will also help brands to rectify problems earlier, even before they occur. 

Why Should the Restaurant Industry Embrace IoT?

Internet of Things is no longer a buzzword in the business environment, it has transformed various businesses out there, and the restaurant industry is one of them. The success rate of the hospitality and restaurant industry highly depends on customer service. You can not deny the fact that customers always look for "customizations," whether it's about ordering food from a wearable device to personalized notifications. 

Customization makes customers feel special, and IoT provides the ultimate customer experience and offers several benefits to restaurants such as:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Customers ordering food online
  • Better management
  • Task automation
  • More customization
  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Reduce wastage
  • Better customer insights
  • Improves inventory management 
  • Managing food safety practices with ease


These days, online food delivery apps have gained huge momentum as it enables people to get a delicious meal at their doorsteps in no time. Apps like Zomato and GrubHub have paved the way for restaurants to get more online orders from customers. Therefore, demand for the best food ordering system is increasing. These systems let diners order and pay digitally without any need for human intervention. 

In addition to that, Bluetooth and Beacon technology have made it easier to deliver location-based information. Restaurants can now send messages to customers at a certain time when they are roaming around the restaurant's location. 

For instance, they are sending SMS messages about the newly added dishes when a customer is close by. It will eventually boost sales and encourage customers to visit the restaurant or place an order. And if your restaurant is using digital ordering solutions, you have already come far into the world of the IoT. Real-time order tracking lets customers track the detail of their orders and know the estimated arrival time. 

Ways IoT Can Grow Your Restaurant Business

Today, people are connected with multiple devices and can have an instant conversation with anyone without any geolocation boundary. Moreover, sending and storing a large volume of data is no more a headache for enterprises. Usage of IoT in the restaurant industry is increasing because it streamlines business operations and improves efficiency in several ways. Let's see a few ways the IoT accelerates the growth of the restaurant business in this modern time. 

Cuts-down Unnecessary Cost

IoT technology reduces operational costs in certain ways, and this will enable restaurant owners to focus on other core objectives that will drive growth and build customer loyalty. Here are several cost that you can reduce with the help of IoT solutions, such as

  • Inventory cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Optimum usage of energy 

Improve Customer Experience and Service

As said earlier, the restaurant industry's success depends on excellent customer service, and it is the critical factor that increases the profitability of any business. Advanced IoT technologies such as real-time trackers and mobile card readers are mostly used to improve customer experience. 


Nowadays, many restaurant business owners are practicing hyper-local advertising methods to attract customers here. Modern IoT solutions help them to deliver a personalized customer experience. Based on users browsing history and preferences, restaurants can now deliver a seamless experience to users and boost sales. 

Accurate Insight of Consumer Behavior 

Customer preferences keep changing with time; you need to study customer preferences to achieve success. With IoT benefits in the restaurant industry, now business owners can analyze, track, predict, monitor, and collect data from the Internet and social media networks. 

Based on the data collected, restaurants can now craft a marketing strategy and upcoming business trends so that brands can deliver a personalized experience to achieve success. In addition to that, if restaurants have user data, they will be able to focus more on loyal customers to cultivate brand loyalty. 

IoT Solutions Propelling the Restaurant Industry 

Overall, there is no doubt that the Internet of Things is a game-changer for the restaurant industry and enhancing customer experience. IoT is a futuristic technology that enables business owners to track, store and monitor data in such a way that later can be utilized to make smart moves for substantial restaurant growth. 

IoT holds a promising future, and it will expand further in the years to come. Not only business, but it will be embedded into daily facets of our lives. The restaurant industry is already using IoT and allowing entrepreneurs to understand its potential and capitalize on it. 

In a nutshell, IoT automates the process, fosters brand loyalty, and helps the restaurant industry to get a maximum yield on their investment. 

IoT has the potential to revolutionize the restaurant industry; after all, it accelerates business growth and boosts your bottom line. 

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