Four successful big data / analytics startups in Seattle

These companies gather and process gigantic amounts of data to serve their clients and/or users. They make money out of selling summarized, processed, real-time data. They are poised to succeed in the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution, leveraging all sort of devices and API's to gather data, and

  • send alerts to users via text messages or other technology
  • sell intelligence extracted from data, to other businesses

It is worth spending some time figuring out what kind of big data platform (Hadoop? NoSQL?) and analytic tools they use, as well as the data science techniques that they leverage, and the types of data scientists working for them. Some of this information might be available on Glassdoor. I've applied for data scientist positions at each of these four companies, and was never offered a position - not even as a contractor - so it looks like they have no problems finding data scientists (these companies are looking for vertical data scientists, not horizontal ones, which is a bit surprising for startups).

Problems Inrix is trying to solve

1. Inrix: Car traffic analytics

Heavily relies on hierarchical Bayesian models for predictive modeling.

From their website: With the increasing popularity of smartphone apps, connected car buyers expect more from in-vehicle infotainment systems. That’s why our deep expertise in crowd-sourcing, Big Data analytics and location technologies ensure automakers benefit from these breakthrough tools and technologies.

Check out their leadership team and jobs.

Type of alerts sent to users: optimum route to reach a destination at a given time (in real time), integrated into your GPS. Or alerts for driverless cars. May provide information to users to avoid police traps, assuming this type of data is collected.

2. Payscale: HR analytics

Managed by former Microsoft people.

From their website: Gain access to the freshest, largest, most detailed salary dataset in the world with cloud compensation software by PayScale.

Check out their leadership team and jobs.

Type of alerts sent to users: relevant job alerts, new salary surveys.

3. DS-IQ: Retail analytics

Managed by former Amazon people.

From their website: DS-IQ is a privately-held ad tech company based in Bellevue, Washington. The company premier product is the DS-IQ Marketing System™, a multichannel campaign management platform that adds a dynamic shopper intelligence layer to retail digital advertising systems. It DS-IQ Marketing System™ is unique in how it combines automation and machine learning to engage and convert shoppers with context in the moment.

Check out their leadership team and jobs.

Type of alerts sent to users:text messages to notify a Walmart client about relevant products / discounts he might be interested in. Alerts are sent when the client is in a store. 

4. Medio: Mobile analytics

From their website: The mobile-first Medio Platform is an end-to-end analytics suite that enables businesses to optimize the lifetime value (LTV) of their users. With over eight years of mobile and analytics experience, Medio has the expertise to solve companies’ mobile pain points while also supporting mobile web and web-based applications. Medio leverages predictive models to optimize mobile customer acquisition, retention and  monetization using a cloud-based infrastructure for collecting and analyzing customer activity data.

Check out their leadership team and jobs opportunities.

Click here for more big data startups in the Seattle area. 

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