Two big datasets to challenge your data science expertise

Stack exchange data dump

This is an anonymized dump of all user-contributed content on the Stack Exchange network. Each site is formatted as a separate archive consisting of XML files zipped via 7-zip using bzip2 compression. Each site archive includes Posts, Users, Votes, Comments, PostHistory and PostLinks. For complete schema information, see the included readme.txt.

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Medicare Claims data set

Available when you participate in the new Cloudera challenge.

The new Data Science Challenge: Detecting Anomalies in Medicare Claims will be available starting March 31, 2014. It costs $600 to partcipate. I guess they are worried that the data get re-sold or about some other potential data leaks. They also want real practionioners (an issue on Kaggle competitions), as students are unlikely to fork out $600. But if you participate, you get a copy of Hadoop to install on your laptop; this copy it emulates multi-node Hadoop.

Links to other data sets

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