This morning I saw #tweepsmap on my twitter feed and decided to check it out. Tweepsmap is a a neat tool that can analyze any twitter account from a social network perspective. It can create interactive maps showing where the followers of a twitter account reside , segment followers  and even show who unfollowed you!

Here is my Followers map generated by country.

You can create the followers map based on city and state as well.

Tweepsmap also provides demographic information such as languages, occupation and gender but it relies on the twitter user having entered this information in the twitter profile.

There is also a hashtag and keyword analyzer that reports on most prolific tweeters, locations of tweets, tweets vs. retweets and so on. I used their free report which is built for a maximum of 100 tweets to analyze the trending hashtag –> #BeautyAndTheBeast. For some reasons, the #BeautyAndTheBeast hashtag is really popular in Brazil, out of the 100 tweets, 26 were from Brazil and 20 from USA.  You can see that 3 out of 5 of the top influencers with most followers are tweeting in Portuguese. Other visualizations included  the tweets vs. retweet numbers and the distribution reach of the tweeters. I was even able to get make the report public so you can check it out here.  Remember it only analyzes 100 tweets so don’t draw any conclusions from it !


 If you are doing research on social media or are a business that wants to learn more about competitors and customers, tweepsmap helps you analyze specific twitter accounts as well! Of course, we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch , so this is a paid feature!

From what I saw by tinkering with the pricing calculator on their page, the analysis of a twitter account with more than 2.5M followers will cost a flat fee of $5K. I tried a few twitter accounts to see how much each would cost based on number of followers and found that the cost per follower was $0.002.  So if you wanted to get twitter data on Hans Rosling, it would cost you $642 as he has 320,956 followers (642/320,956 = 0.002).

 calculate3  calculate5   calculate4  calculate6 calculate7 calculate8calculate9       calculate2

Overall this looks like a neat tool to get started when analyzing twitter data and using this information to maximize the returns on your tweets. I have only mentioned a few of their tools above; they have other features like the Best Time to Tweet which will analyze your audience, twitter history, time zones and so on to predict when you get the most out of your tweet. Check out their website for more info here

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