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NJF Global Holdings Ltd (31 Positions in New York, NY \ San Francisco, CA \ Chicago, IL)

Example Job:

The main task of the group is to use state of the art Machine Learning methods in order to generate financial forecasts from large datasets. As such, the role involves developing novel machine learning techniques and applying them to seek patterns in large, dirty and noisy data sets. A firm understanding of the underlying mathematics will be needed to adapt modelling techniques to fit the problem space. The resulting codebase will be at the forefront of machine learning and pushing its boundaries into new and exciting areas. A prerequisite is an extremely strong background in mathematics and computer science. A post-graduate degree in machine learning is desirable. The successful candidates should be able to understand the theoretical justifications for the machine learning techniques as well as be able to create the software to apply the techniques, and where necessary develop those techniques into new areas.

Amazon (21 Positions in Seattle, WA \ Cambridge, MA \ Pittsburgh, PA)

Example Job:

Major responsibilities:

  • Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of Amazon's historical business data to help automate and optimize key features and processes.

  • Work closely with software engineering teams to drive new feature creation.

  • Work closely with stakeholders to optimize various business operations.

  • Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model implementation.

  • Track general business activity and provide clear, compelling management reporting on a regular basis.

Apple (12 Positions in Santa Clara Valley, CA)

Example Job:

This is a key position at a focal point for HW/SW/UI integration. This scientist will explore architectural enhancements and design cutting-edge pattern recognition systems for multi-modal input such as typing, gestures, and handwriting. Additional responsibilities include: - Data collection and analysis - Investigating new technologies, prototyping concepts, porting algorithms to Firmware, evaluating user impact, and delivering products

IBM (10 Positions in Cambridge, MA \ Denver, CO \ Yorktown Heights, NY)

Example Job:

Design, implement, and evaluate novel visual analytics and cognitive visualization prototypes following user-centered design principles. These designs should bridge the gap between data, analysis and understanding and enable statistical inference and predictive analytics. Investigate creative Human-Computer Interaction systems for deeper levels of expression and engagement. Publish and present results to both the academic community and to non-scientists.

Twitter (7 Positions in San Francisco, CA \ Seattle, WA)

Example Job:

Improve the performance of our flagship retargeting product by improving the prediction of ad engagement and user transactional behavior. Improving our knowledge of users by building user profiles and segments. Improving our existing recommendations with new signals to identify products that users are interested in but have never viewed. Perform deep analysis that identifies causation beyond superficial symptoms for sophisticated and technical products.

Northrop Grumman (7 Positions in Monterey, CA \ Colorado Springs, CO)

Example Job:

Develop machine learning algorithms in support of an objective, to include designing and implementing belief networks, Hidden Markov models, Artificial Immune Systems, Gaussian Mixture Models, Decision Tress, Network models based on graph theory, Information Geometry, Genetic Algorithms, Neuromorphically inspired computing algorithms (e.g., Spiking Neural Networks) , and basic statistical analysis. Test algorithms on large and small data sets, including textual, numeric, temporal, and symbolic data. Utilize relevant analytics COTS products. / Amazon (5 Positions in Palo Alto, CA)

Example Job:

As part of the Relevance team, work on relevance and ranking functions that work across all Amazon categories. Participate in aspects of the Research and Development process, from experimenting with new ideas and exploring new techniques to implementing features used by customers. Apply Machine Learning techniques to retrieve relevant results and provide optimal ranking. Design, develop, and support new features on a world-class search service that serves daily requests. Participate in the full development cycle, including design, development, impact assessment, deployment, and A/B testing. Develop new ranking features and techniques building upon the latest results from the research community. Collaborate with other engineers and engineering teams to find technical solutions to design problems. Work in an agile environment to deliver high quality software.

NVIDIA (4 Positions in Santa Clara, CA)

Example Job:

NVIDIA is hiring CUDA Machine Learning engineers and research scientists for a GPU-accelerated Machine Learning team.  Academic and commercial groups around the world are using GPUs to power a revolution in machine learning, enabling breakthroughs in problems from image classification to speech recognition to natural language processing.  Join the team which is building software and hardware solutions which will be used by the entire machine learning community.  Ability to work on a fast-paced customer-oriented team is required and excellent communication skills are a must.

Microsoft (4 Positions in Redmond, WA)

Example Job:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop high-performance machine learning systems for detecting abnormality, intrusion, fraud, masquerading, malware, etc.

  • Deliver end to end solution to analyze data that originates from users, services, or other automated systems

  • Develop infrastructure as required to enable new experiences in enterprise intelligence by deriving meaning from vast array of enterprise data about users and their activity

  • Actively engage other teams in ISSD, Office 365 and Azure to identify problems and areas where data mining/machine learning/applied statistics can be used, and lead the development of solutions to these problems

Human Longevity, Inc. (3 Positions in San Diego, CA \ Mountain View, CA)

Example Job:

Tasks And Responsibilities:

  • Develop and apply novel statistical, bioinformatics, and data mining algorithms to identify biological patterns.

  • Develop and implement methods for assembling, phasing, annotating and characterizing human genomes at an industrial scale.

  • Carry out association analyses with sophisticated genotypic, microbiomic, metabolomic, proteomic and phenotypic information.

  • Possibly perform in Bioinformatics Sequencing Production capacity.

Google (3 Positions in Mountain View, CA \ San Bruno, CA)

Example Job:


  • Research and develop new algorithms and methods for optimizing data center efficiency, performance.

  • Design, validate and implement controls algorithms to handle electrical and mechanical stability.

  • Analyze and recommend approaches to handling dynamics of the electromechanical systems and their interactions within a data center.

  • Conduct empirical statistical analysis/modeling on relevant data for use in data center controls. Closely collaborate with the engineering team to implement proposed strategies/algorithms in our technology system, develop large scale machine learning algorithms for pattern recognition and Bayesian and non-linear systems.

TellApart (3 Positions in  San Francisco, CA )

Example Job:

Current Focus:

  • Identify actionable trends in TellApart’s big data troves to find latent groups of users, going well beyond existing e-commerce segmentation solutions

  • Measure the performance of our products by slicing and dicing across groups of users, the channels by which we interact with them, the devices by which we reach them, and the products that we build

  • Perform deep analysis that identifies causation beyond superficial symptoms for sophisticated and technical products

  • Own the data science layer of a user intelligence platform, prioritizing work for impact and ensuring the accuracy of your analysis

  • Proactively think beyond display ad products as they exist now to envision the next generation of personalization

Atigeo (3 Positions in Bellevue, WA)

Example Job:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop scalable systems that robustly implement machine learning algorithms to process large volumes of unstructured data in real time.

  • Apply a deep keenness to understand the science behind the technology to further the successful application of the science.

  • Provide thought leadership to the company for software design, algorithm design, and implementation of critical systems.

  • Participate in and help improve key processes including software requirements, software design, code review, and testing.

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