Top Career Options That Survived the Coronavirus Impact

The global economy has fallen apart due to the COVID-19 impact. Millions of people have lost jobs across the world. The outbreak has not only impacted the economy but job security as well. This will have a long-term effect.

But the COVID-19 crisis has also made us realize the significance or working remotely. While we have seen massive job losses, few industries have been spared. Moreover, as remote working becomes the new normal, it is an ideal time to explore the job opportunities in fields that have been least impacted by the economy.

Below are some of the best career options to keep you safe this pandemic and thereafter.

AI Specialist: AI is going to be the next tech revolution. AI managed to grow rapidly in recent years meeting the needs of every digitally transformed industry. The majority of AI specialists responsibility is to program the computer and test the hypothesis in context to how the human brain works using cognitive simulation. Furthermore, their job is to boost the offerings and operations with multiple industries. AI professionals are already making an impact in sectors like healthcare, sports industries, and finance.

Cloud Computing: cloud technology is now being used by over 50 percent of the businesses. It gives the benefit of reducing expenses. Companies now don’t need to invest in hardware like routers, cables, and servers. It is scalable and offers flexibility as customers look forward to accessing services in multiple ways. Cloud computing services allow their customers to manage access from more than one location and device.

Cloud Security: cloud security is one of the best opportunities a cloud professional could opt for even during challenging times. This helps is protecting data stored online from data leakage, theft, or deletion. Cloud security will soon become crucial for people and businesses looking to safeguard the data stored on Cloud.

IoT Analyst: an IoT analyst’s job is to provide an overall overview and insights and convert them into data generation. Their job is to analyze the data from the IoT system and explain it using case studies about how analytics is being used to gain better insights.

IoT Architect: an IoT architect works closely with business leaders to develop an IoT vision to set the right business objective. A part of this includes documenting the business success factors to drive engagement.

Risk Analyst: the job of a risk analyst is to examine the organization’s investment that includes overseas investment and analyze the risk that may be involved in making decisions. Using their analytical skills, they can project upcoming loss and make suggestions to limit the risk through currency exchanges, diversified factors, or other investment strategies.

Offensive Cybersecurity: this job role is quite resilient to recessions. This approach is widely used to detect or cripple the operation from future cyber-attacks.

Defensive Cyber Security: defensive cybersecurity has been claimed to have a zero-unemployment rate over the past decade. The defense cybersecurity operation is often referred to as the activities regarding global information infrastructure, which further helps in protecting the institution’s electronic information.

Since most workers have been working from home, this could be a great opportunity to upgrade skills and shift domains. Tech professionals have turned into online certification programs and training to keep themselves relevant. Thus, if upskilling is your agenda, you can start doing your research in screening the best AI certification programs or best cloud computing certification programs and get yourself enrolled.

Recessions are one of the challenging times. Many people have suffered from job loss, furloughs, and pay cuts. But for a selected few, this recession may actually be an eye-opener as depicted above. Therefore, if you’re looking to thrive and move forward, ensure you choose a career that will let you do so.







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