Tons of machine learning and data science resources that cost nothing

Tutorials, books, articles, data sets, certifications, you name it. All about data science, machine learning and related topics. You can find them with a simple keyword search: enter the keyword "free" in the DSC's search box, and here are the results.

Below is a screenshot of the DSC search results page, for the keyword "free". It shows the top 6 results, out of dozens of highly relevant search results. These results come from several blogs: Hadoop360,com, AnalyticBridge.com, BigDataNews.com, DataPlumbing.com, DataViZualization.com, and DataScienceCentral.com for now, though we plan on adding other domains.  

Imagine doing the same search with Google search!

If you like our search engine, you can install it on your blog or website (click here to see all the benefits of adding our search box to your blog) or bookmark this page. Other popular search results include:

See also this page.

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