Three Fundamental Google rules detected thanks to data science

These are the most critical rules that digital publishers should follow, based on our data science studies.

Example where Google paid traffic results in more pageviews per visit than Google organic searches

1. How to get more Google organic traffic 

The amount of Google organic traffic that you will get is proportional to the amount of non-Google organic traffic that you get - this is the best Google organic traffic predictor: increase your email newsletter frequency, or membership base, or email channels, or use better segmentation: make sure your email database is segmented by ISP, traffic source and sign-up recency, for email campaign optimization. Do not spam or you will get burned - there's an optimum point; email campaigns is a great way to drive traffic if you don't abuse it or fatigue your mailing lists (make sure you get more quality subscribers than you lose, each month; do some survival/churn analysis; identify poor non-opening subscribers and eliminate them). If you use Google Analytics, then Google knows how much non-Google organic traffic you get, and Google will deliver free Google searches to your website accordingly: expect Google organic traffic volume to follow your non-Google organic traffic closely with a one week time lag, and to be much smoother and predictible than your non-Google organic traffic. Avoid black-hat SEO, this will eventually gets you penalized by Google.

Another way to boost your share of free Google traffic is writing great content that get re-posted, shared or re-tweeted, assuming Google's machine learning algorithms give your website cre.... Or hire interns or design detection-proof robots (create a great profile for them, get them connected to many influential people) to re-post your great articles on social networks.

2. Paid clicks can deliver far better ROI than organic search

You can get much better traffic from Google Adwords (paid keywords) than from Google organic searches , if you do your homework and purchase tons of relevant keywords (at the right price), and break these keywords down in multiple campaigns and ad groups. In particular, with AdWords, you can get

  • US traffic only (and no night traffic) if you want, thus diluting worthless traffic that you get from India, France or China; you might even eliminate more from these nefarious traffic sources by blocking google.in , google.fr and google.cn
  • Drive traffic to your conversion page, rather than having no control about where your traffic is coming from (country), and on what pages it lands 
  • Even for keywords such as your domain name or top Google organic keywords working for you, it is recommended to purchase the keywords in question via AdWord to control the landing page (paying for your domain name keyword, at first glance, looks like cannibalism, but we really recommend it as the two landing pages - paid versus organic - will be different)
  • If your landing page for Google paid clicks contains many relevant links, visitors will keep staying on your website longer: this is something you can easily control with paid traffic, but not easily with free organic Google searches
  • You can choose Google search only on AdWords, to eliminate all the poor quality traffic from affiliates and partner search engines such as Ask.com. You can also block night traffic, which might be of lower quaity depending on your website.

3. Google campaigns that will never work

To get decent traffic, you need to purchase keywords that, according to Google, are relevant to your domain. We tried to create a landing page on our website, and Google campaigns,  to drive traffic for our advertisers that don't do well with our internal non-Google campaigns, but it's not working: Google sends us very little paid traffic, as if they figure out that this traffic is not a great fit for us. There are alternatives such as Facebook advertising, to eliminate this problem.

Note: I have no connections with Google and I have not been paid by Google to write this article.

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