Data Visualization Contest

This December 4-5, DataBeat will host the 3rd annual Data Science Summit taking place December 4-5 in Redwood, CA. The event brings together academics, organizations, media companies, and brands to explore the biggest challenges and opportunities in data science.

We've teamed up with DataBeat to display a gallery of visualizations at the event. Submit your visualization around the theme of Health. Visualizations can cover topics such as nutrition, disease, fitness and more. At the event, a panel of jurors will select the winning visualizations.

New Hadoop Community

Data Science Central has created a new community: Hadoop360. This is a new DSC channel. Other channels include Analytics, Big Data, and Visualization.

We will soon add more articles, including salaries for Hadoop engineers, Hadoop books and training, list of most influential Hadoop people, success stories, jobs, events etc.

Join us on Hadoop360.

New Data Science Central Acquisition

Data Science Central has acquired MessagingNews.com, a leading source of information for messaging professionals. This is separate from our other DSC channels, although Dr. Granville, co-founder, will occasionally publish articles that are relevant to both communities, for instance: new algorithm to compress terabytes of highly redundant web or email data, Algorithm to automatically categorize and prioritize email, and Better spam, copyright infringement and plagiarism detection.

Join Messaging News.

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Comment by James Rutt on November 25, 2013 at 8:59am

as always, great stuff Vincent.

Comment by Dr. Z on November 20, 2013 at 5:37am

I have an announcement of my own as well. If there any articles that you find they need to reach a wider audience (even if this is done through a simple backlink), please let me know so that I can reference them in my blog where I regularly write articles on data science topics. I know that it doesn't seem much right now but I expect it to get more traffic once my book comes out early next year. Thanks.

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