The Typical Data Scientist Profile, in a few Pictures

Interesting survey produced by 365datascience.com, summarized in a few infographics, and based on LinkedIn profiles..


  • R (53%) and Python (53%) are the programming languages that dominate the data science field. Other popular languages are SQL (40%), MATLAB (19%), Java (18%), and C/C++ (18%)
  • 58% of the data scientists come from one of three educational backgrounds: Computer science (20%), Statistics and Mathematics (19%), and Economics and Social Sciences (19%). There are fewer people who studied Data science and analysis (13%), Natural Sciences (11%), and Engineering (9%)
  • The leading employer for data scientists is the Tech industry (42%), with the Industrial Sector (37%) following closely by. The Financial and Healthcare industries account for 16% and 5% of data scientists, respectively

Below are three pictures from the survey.


Languages used:

Career history:

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