The top 1% data users consume 99% of all the data being produced. True or false?

True or false? What would be your numbers, in your opinion? And how do you define data user, even data? Is most of the data dormant and getting deleted even before being processed or summarized to feed some reports, actions or decisions?

Also, not all data is equal, comparing sensor data (very big) with credit card transactions (big, but not as big) is comparing apples with oranges.

And not all data users are equal. Processing data to produce reports that nobody reads, is very different than machine-to-machine data communications that eventually generate million of keyword bid prices each day, to purchase keywords on Google Adwords.

Anyone interested in creating a taxonomy of data, that is, identifying data categories and sub-categories (sensor data, transactions such as purchases or web logs, user-generated data such as Facebook, survey data, etc)? Anyone interested in creating a taxonomy of data users?

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