The Three AI Applications In 2020 That Are The First Choices Of Every Business

Artificial intelligence is consuming the world immensely and with time we are pondering ourselves into it knowingly and unknowingly. 

From small daily work to running the largest organizations Artificial Intelligence has never failed to play its part. And something that’s more convincing is that the technology has been a saviour as long as we remember. Businesses use AI from improving their sales, inviting customers to develop themselves.

Have a look at the rising global demand for AI applications in businesses

  1. The largest companies in the world having more than 100,00o employees depend heavily on AI and already have planned AI strategies.
  2. Around 83% of businesses believe that AI is in their priority list and they prefer AI for major tasks 
  3. 61% of business executives with an innovation strategy say they are using AI to identify opportunities in data that would otherwise be missed
  4. The AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025, according to research firm Markets and Markets. 
  5. IDC forecasts 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021.
  6. Thirty-seven percent of organizations have implemented AI in some form. That's a 270% increase over the last four years. 
  7. The AI use cases that will see the most investment this year are automated customer service agents ($4.5 billion worldwide), sales process recommendation and automation ($2.7 billion), and automated threat intelligence and prevention systems ($2.7 billion). 
  8. By 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations.

Here are the three intelligent applications that hold 2o20

1. Cortana 

Cortana, one of the highly powered AI virtual assistance is available on around 400 million devices that translate to a larger user base. 

The virtual assistant from Microsoft, Cortana is the wonder of Artificial Intelligence and an application that is available on Windows Mobile, Windows 10, Microsoft Band, Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Xbox One, and Windows Mixed Reality. It is also available on headsets including Razer Kraken 7.1, Logitech G933, HyperX CloudX, and Sennheiser GSP350. 

Cortana uses natural language processing and device data to provide virtual assistance and personalized recommendations. It works on API with different Windows and other applications.

Using this application the user can do several things without even getting up. The application offers hands-free help, manages the user’s calendar, answers questions keeps track of notes, and assists in various tasks. With time the application can learn many other things and can perform more complex tasks. 

2. Siri 

There’s no introduction to the virtual assistant Siri that has already created a much larger space in the tech world. According to a report, Siri is used by around 45.64% mobile users and has 375 million monthly users in the US. 

It is based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and constitutes a conversational interface, service delegation, and personal context-awareness. 

Siri is available on major Apple platforms like iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iOS as well as audios. Siri can be used fr making calls, send text messages, give recommendations, and answer different questions. The feature that makes it such a demanding application is its capability to adapt to other languages, know user preferences, and search. 

The application can predict what the user is getting at based on the keyword and it can also predict the general user habits and language preferences. It then adapts to the individual preferences over time and helps in delivering personalized results to the users. 

3. Alexa

Alexa, one of the most famous applications is an app that is known to boomers and tech-savvy. It is also called Amazon Alexa and is an Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistance from Amazon. Alexa was firstly used only with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot but now it is available on different platforms like iOS, Android, etc.   

According to statistics, Alexa is currently available on more than 60.000 devices and approximately 100 million devices that have Alexa have been sold in 2019. 

This AI-based assistive technology has some brilliant features that make it more remarkable in the tech boon list. Since it can also run on PCs, some PCs allow hands-free activation of Alexa while others require clicking the Alexa button. Some devices allow turning Alexa on with a wake word while some Android or iOS device demands pushing a button to activate Alexa.  

With Natural Language Processing and reading voice queries, Alexa can perform much more than voice assistance. It can create a to-do list, set up alarms, play audiobooks, plays music, stream podcast, and much more. It can also provide news about traffic, sports, real-time weather information and more. 

These three applications are the most used because of their capabilities, tech advancements, and variable features. Ah yes, it’s ok to be lazy, get these applications home, and have your own Alexa, Siri, and Cortana do everything for you.

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