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The Helping Hand of AI in HR for Recruiting The Right Candidates

Recruiting the right people for the company is one of the most tiresome jobs of an HR executive. It is just like taking a shot in the dark in the belief that they may be the right fit for the role you are looking for.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the best replacement to cut the most part of the guessing, the mundaneness and the intuitive application out of the recruitment process. It can seem a little scary to leave the decision of a person and a company at the hands of technology but it isn’t as scary as it sounds like.

One thing needs to be clear. AI will not replace the entire human process of recruitment. AI is here to help you cut down on a lot of manual work HR people have to do and make informed and accurate decisions about the possible candidates instead of relying only on a vague feeling. The final decision of recruiting the candidates will always remain with you. AI will provide you information about the candidates, analyse them, make a comparison between them and help you see the facts behind it.

Helping in The Initial Weed Out

The recruitment process is more monotonous and taxing in the beginning with hundreds of resumes of coming in. typically, a recruiter has to go through all the resumes, compare the experience and the qualifications with the job’s requirements and choose the suitable candidates for the next round. This process could take a lot of time and we all know that recruiter’s own mindset has a way of getting into this screening process.

There are some AI tools available in the market which can help software development company in choosing from the initial pool of the candidates. is one such AI tool that works efficiently with the initial recruitment process. It analyses the resumes, matches the candidate’s experience with the job responsibilities to give you a pool of screened candidates who are a better fit for the role. Another resume screening tool that can be used is Ideal which ranks the candidates on a scale based on their suitability to the role.

Setting Up and Monitoring The Digital Interviews

Most recruiters and candidates prefer to have a face to face interview online before they have that final serious interview to determine the result. With the AI technology, it has become simple to set up the online interviews and monitor the candidates which will give even better insights into the candidate’s ability to fit into the role. There are AI tools which record the facial movements, speech patterns and word choices of the candidates to assess their abilities.

Another added advantage of holding an AI-involved online interview is that recruiters can catch the cheating fellows out. If the candidate’s eye position is moving somewhere other than the camera or the screen in the front, then it can be detected if the person is cheating by using any external help. If there is any other mild voice in the background, the AI can pick it up and see if someone else is helping the candidate to answer the questions.

There are some AI tools for these digital interviews like the Paññã which will help in the total video interview process.

Streamlining The Entire Recruitment Process

Apart from the specific uses and tools we saw above, there are some AI tools that can act as another member of your recruitment team. These tools can help you from the start of the screening process till the time of the employee onboarding process. AI tools such as Hiring Solved’s Rai is one such application which helps with choosing the suitable candidates, sending out emails and filtering from the lot based on the new data of candidates acquired.

Have Better Interactions with Candidates

How many vacation days will I get?”, “Where can I get information on the 401(k)?”, “When can I know the date of the interview?”

These are some of the most common questions that a recruiter has to answer multiple times over the course of a single day. This takes up a lot of unwanted time and energy which can be put to use for productive measures.

Moreover, it is also a necessity for the recruiter to inform each and every candidate about the progress of their job application and answer all the questions they have and chatbots can help in saving this time. Currently, AI chatbots are used to converse with the candidates to give them updates about their application status, set up interviews and answer the most basic questions.

These chatbots are still being developed to answer more questions and hold conversations like a real person similar to the chatbots used in many social media platforms right now. This development could save a lot of work for the recruiters who would otherwise have to use the same conversation over and over again with multiple people.

There is also other AI software like the PandaLogic which helps in advertising the job vacancies on the right job boards to find the suitable candidates and Textio which helps in crafting the perfect job post to who the right candidates.

AI is slowly and steadily changing the way recruitment process is conducted and companies can now get better-suited candidates to fill in their jobs.

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