Datification: A Brief History
The term “Datification” was popular with the data modeling community in the 80’s but was not understood well in the general community, but since the onset of the internet, social media and the improvement in global communication technology, the meaning of “Datification” has had a rebirth. It is a new concept that tracks the conception, development, storage and marketing of all types of data, both for business and life. It has grown in popularity of late to capture how data measures things and organizations in order to compete and win. It is about making business visible.

Datification: A Process
In a recent YouTube presentation, Datification expert Timo Elliott says, “Datification is about taking a process or activity that was previously invisible and turning it into data. That data can then be tracked, monitored, and optimized, leading to new opportunities — and new challenges. It’s similar in some ways to the notion of “dark data” – data that has been ignored up until now because of technology limitations. Only in this case, it’s more like “dark activities” that are now being pushed into the light.” [1] Datification is truly a revolution - Business data is growing exponentially, at a rate of 50% per year! In this vein Datification should be viewed as a mixed method, qualitative and quantitative, process that involves defining, measuring and analyzing existing “invisible” processes and activities to produce actionable data that can then be tracked, monitored and improved to optimize processes, make better business decisions and inform innovation.

More: www.datification.net

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