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The Data Science Industry: Who Does What

Interesting infographics produced by, an organisation offering R and data science training. Click here to see the original version. I would add that one of the core competencies of the data scientist is to automate the process of data analysis, as well as to create applications that run automatically in the background, sometimes in real-time, e.g.

  • to find and bid on millions of Google keywords each day (eBay and Amazon do that, and most of these keywords have little or no historical performance data, so keyword aggregation algorithms - putting keywords in buckets - must be used to find the right bid based on expected conversion rates),
  • buy or sell stocks,
  • monitor networks and generate automated alerts sent to the right people (to warn about a potential fraud, etc.)
  • or to recommend products to a user, identify optimum pricing, manage inventory, or identify fake reviews (a problem that Amazon and Yelp have failed to solve to this day)  

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