Ashley Madison, IRS, Target, Sony…What do they have in common? Here we only name a few but of the most tremendous crisis of data breach in recent years - yes, it is happening and it is happening everywhere. The cost of data breach comes to a new high at $154 per record of stolen or leaked data, adding up to millions of data for each incident, including the law suits, losing customers and intangible assets of the companies. Big data, indeed, is turning the most valuable asset nowadays and that of course becomes a target of hackers and insider criminals. Among all the companies that suffer from data loss, financial services and healthcare are the most at stake with no doubt, for their data is the easiest to monetize. This brings BigObject, Chalet Tech and ProphetStor to team up and present a comprehensive solution for enterprise data protection and recovery, at the event on Aug 20 taking place at Bank of New York Mellon Innovation Center.

Scale-out federation and distributed SAN storage technologies
The event kicked off with brief introduction from the three companies: BigObject, an analytic database that delivers 100x to 1000x acceleration for data analysis; Chalet Tech, using a data-centric approach to revealing full visibility of database activities; and ProphetStor, a scale-out federation and distributed SAN storage solution. Together these three companies then demonstrated how they work together to stop data breach and resume the enterprise environment at its intact status: from a thorough database monitor, event-driven exception analysis, to system restore.

While a suspicious event occurred, Chalet ADS first sniffed and flagged an exception. It then triggers both BigObject and ProphetStor: ProphetStor Federator will make a snapshot of the database and resume to the image when needed. BigObject, on the other hand, initiates a CrossLink analysis - examining related database servers and users based on the exception and identifying the long-term trend of behaviors as well as other potential risks. Here is an example:

This demo shows that how you can analyze the data across multiple dimensions and timespans in a small fraction of time. All computations are done in real-time and able to deliver actionable insights. When an anomaly presents, the IT or security staff should investigate not only the event itself but cross-analyze other fields to reveal the hidden factors.

For the full event video, please visit: http://livestream.com/pemo/dataactivityanalysis

For more information regarding BigObject and following events, please mail to [email protected]


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Comment by Max Galka on September 7, 2015 at 5:18pm

After the recent breaches, data protection has to be one of the biggest pain points for just about every large business in the world. I'm surprised there aren't more companies rushing to deliver a solution.

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