The Benefits of Media Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Social media sites are strategically designed network platforms with the sole purpose of luring our attention to a specific brand, service, product or movement. This innovational tool in marketing allots healthcare professionals a means to lucrative prospect gain and growth by applying basic internet marketing techniques to social media sites.


Prior to your application of social media marketing there are a few destructive avenues to consider that will ensure the progressive success of prospect gain for healthcare professionals through social media marketing. The most effective approach for healthcare providers is reputation management and development. Essentially, the goal here is to create and sell your brand and service. Your brand is the persona that you display within social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The manner in which you share your clinical accomplishments is what will build your brand and set you apart from other healthcare professionals that provide the same service. Potential clients or patients are drawn to success stories while social media is the quickest most vast national word of mouth source for stories. Combining the two by providing live active and up to date testimony linked to a Facebook discount for service offer will produce prospects, define and distinguish your brand as well as develop, build and manage your reputation. 

Coupon Offers 

Healthcare professionals have the potential to capture the attention of prospects via advertisements on the internet. Coupon or discount offers are a cost affective alternative to paid advertisements. Prospects are more likely to re-post or share offers rather than advertisements. Offering discounts on healthcare services also insures that new consumers will consistently choose your service over your competitors. Periodically posting offers for your healthcare service on social media eliminates the cost of paid advertisement while professionally promoting your service. 

File Sharing

Vendor neutral archive technology provides a secondary positive resource for prospect gain through social media. The availability of vendor-neutral file sharing on social media to potential prospect for viewing of specific clinical procedures practiced by healthcare professionals, is a beneficial marketing tool proven affective within the professional healthcare field. When applied to social media marketing strategies this HIPPA compliant file sharing is both convenient for all users while remaining secure. VNA, provides healthcare professionals as well as prospects with the cost affective ability to demonstrate and review practices while promoting quality communication. Clients are most likely going to feel more confident with your service when you provide them with as much detailed information as possible. 

Promotion of Causes & Events

When it comes to healthcare, causes with catch phrases spread awareness. What better way to promote your profession than by supporting a cause. Social media promotions for healthcare issues have sky rocketed awareness for many causes such as breast cancer and ALS. Social media forums have made promotions easy. By simply adding the hashtag symbol to a catch phrase or text such as #breastcancerawareness, you are inviting and encouraging clients to participate in spreading the word about your cause of choice along with your profession. This marketing strategy reaches clients and directs them to you by linking and grouping all posts and re-posts under the hashtag you've created to promote your cause or service. 

As depicted within this content, social media marketing is a healthcare professional's advantage in gaining continued exposure to new prospects. Through the methods detailed above, healthcare professionals have the ability to produce prospect gain affectively while avoiding unnecessary expenses. Internet marketing eliminates advertising costs and cuts your growth period time in half by exercising combined marketing strategies as shown above. Social media marketing allows you to continuously inform prospects of who you are, what you stand for and what services you provide in a way that sets you apart from others.

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