Yesterday evening,I attended a Tableau user group meeting to preview the new features expected in the upcoming Tableau 10 release. This meeting was hosted at the Toronto Public Library by none other than Tableau Maestro, Michael Martin!

The turn out was great with more than 50 people attending from various industries.

Here are some of the new Tableau 10 features highlighted in the presentation today.

  • New colour schemes, icons and typography will be introduced to make the UI more appealing. You can still continue to use the classic view if you like
  • Tableau Mobile will be made available for Android
  • New Gradient colour options
  • Device Specific Design (DSD) – You can preview a workbook and design it based on the type of device you expect it will be viewed on. For example, if the end-user will view the dash board on an iPad, you can preview how your visualizations would appear on an iPad to ensure a satisfactory viewing experience
  • Data breakthrough – You can now join data from multiple sources! For example you can now combine data from excel, SQL server, oracle or other sources to create a single integrated source. Previously user had to blend the data and configure relationships before the join could happen. Tableau 10 takes care of this for you.
  • Users can now connect to google sheets and quickbook as data sources
  • Cross data source filters means that you can now apply the same filter across multiple data sources
  • Data source analytics is available for data administrators to view the usage stats for each of their data sources
  • Updated revision history logic means that you no longer have to restore that backup file; you just need to rollback to an older version

So there you have it, some of the anticipated features of Tableau 10 slated for release this summer! If you are in Toronto and are interested in attending then next user group meeting, get in touch!

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