Sports Analytics: Is It Only For Developed Countries?

It is a known fact that development of sports activities is not a top priority in the national budget of most of the developing countries. It can also be established that sports activities are not an active part of the eductional system of most developing countries. I’ll not be wrong if I say that the investment into sports in developed countries is much higher than in the developing countries. Given this backdrop, a natural question that comes to mind is: “Will developed countries reap all the benefits of Sports Analytics?”

In developing countries, underdevelopment of sports has created a ‘vicious cycle’, in which lower budget for sports activities decreases the potential for athletes. This impacts the sports development in the developing countries further. This is in stark contrast to the focus on sports and related activities in the developed countries. These countries spend a significant proportion of their national budget on the promotion and development of sports.

Before we go further, let me define sports analytics as the process of using methods available from data mining, statistics and economics to model performance and sporting contests. It is mainly used to develop in-game strategies, evaluate players’ performance, fantasy competition, and other areas of sporting competitions.

Given the information above, I was thinking if developed countries will have all the advantage. “Yes, atleast for the next 10-20 years”. I’m sure most of you’ll partially agree with my statement above, with differences arising about the time period. The developed countries have big budgets and they are certainly going to take advantage of it to improve their competitive advantage in sports. I guess so far you are with me.

Now you may think what changes will happen after 10-20 years that will start reducing this advantage that developed countries will enjoy during the coming years. Well, I think that once the developed countries are saturated with the concept of “sports analytics”, they’ll start looking for investment destinations. Therefore, in future the sports analytics know-hows will start coming to developing countries. At this point of time, I’ll say, the developed countries are enjoying the “application phase”, while the developing countries are enjoying “learning phase”.

Sport in Developing Countries (W. Andreff)

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