Let us start with some jargons and distill these into some meaningful things to be understood by us the only intelligent autonomous system in other words humans.


SaaS – Applications focused on end-users, used internet as a medium, e-mail, salesforce etc.

PaaS – Set of tools focused on developers, such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Eclipse, REST, SOAP, Oracle.

IaaS – Complete software and hardware solutions, VMware, Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Google Compute Engine


All of these deals with “Data” focused on end-users, stored using IaaS, and extracted using PaaS, processed using SaaS. It does not matter, whether you are on-Premises, or have to run an Infrastructure, or you are to use some designated or recommended platform, you have to deal with “Data”, and this data is now actually “Big Data”.


It does not matter, if you are using a Cloud, as public, private or community Cloud and last not least the Hybrid Cloud. The security can be the main area of interest for us all, to safeguard our interests. In case, if we are using a private cloud, we might be in extreme tight secured gateways, however once the data that we are processing or generating hits the cloud waves, we have no idea, what and who is accessing it, when we say what, it can be web crawler or some software spiders from some organization are gathering information, we cannot predict these external stakes.


There are several Cloud Computing platforms working towards standards, however there are two major working groups in Cloud Computing worth looking into are:


-          IEEE P2301 Working Group (Cloud Profiles)

-          IEEE P2302 Working Group (Inter Cloud)


The utilization of Cloud is to have reduced IT Costs, it provides reliable access to institutional information, with reliable backup services alongside disaster recovery and surge capacity and can still be used to produce some money by selling server space or SaaS.

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