I spent way too much time sorting through all the information collected on Data Science.  All I knew in the beginning is that it had something to do with math and statistics and algorithms (which are love), and computers (which are hate not so much love).  It's finally starting to fall into place.  I made a preliminary list of all the things I should learn.  In the process, I stumbled upon Clare Corthell's "Open Source Data Science Master's Degree" at /http://datasciencemasters.org/.  She had the same idea at one point. We concur on majority of content.  Nice reassurance.

PYTHON was a clear choice for the first step.  Another gazillion man-hours spent trudging through gazillion tutorials, classes, certified and not, paid and free.  Lucky winner was Zed A. Shaw's "Learn Python The Hard Way".  Mainly because of 'the hard way' in its title - yeah, I'm that person. 

After 1 week of 1hr/day, I'm on ex15.py (R), including having to learn what is "terminal" or "powershell" and some basic commands, and that there is even a notepad++.  It's been smooth sailing. I SO get it.  I realize it's the easiest language out there.  Stuff is just starting to get serious.  But I'm still into it.  

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