Six keywords characterizing milestones in the history of analytic engineering: from 1988 to 2033

  • 1988: Artificial Intelligence. Also: Computational Statistics.
  • 1995: Web Analytics. Also: Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, ROI, Distributed Architecture, Data Architecture.
  • 2003: Business Analytics. Also: Text Mining, Unstructured Data, Semantic Web, NLP, KPI, Predictive Modeling, Cloud Computing, Lift, Yield.
  • 2012: Data Science. Also: Big Data, Decision Science, Analytics, Software as a Service, On-Demand Analytics.
  • 2022: Data Engineering. Also: Analytics Engineering, Data Management, Data Shaping.
  • 2033: Art of Optimization, Optimization Science, Optimization Engineering, Business Optimization.

Each milestone brings us to a more generic / global / comprehensive understanding about leveraging data.

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