Should we all have two ID's (one for backup purposes)?

With high levels of ID theft occurring each day (if you believe the media, you'd think 50 million people have experienced critical ID theft in US alone over the last two years) and how hard it is to recover from this crime, one wonders: should we all have multiple ID's?

If your answer is yes, then the next big question is: how do you implement this? You'd think that if your primary ID has been compromised, chances are that your secondary ID has been compromised as well, unless these ID's are stored on non-connected servers. And the second big question is: how do you convince everyone (banks in particular) that your ID #2 and your ID #1 point to the same person - you?

Just food for thoughts, I would love to read your opinion. Any sound computer infrastructure has mirror (redundant) databases and backups, I think that we - human beings - should the same level of security / backup / redundancy as machines. It is a big data / data science question.

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