Self-Learn Yourself Apache Spark in 21 Blogs – #5

In Blog 5, we will see Apache Spark Languages with basic Hands-on. Click to have quick read on the other blogs of Apache Spark in this learning series.

With our cloud setup of our Apache Spark now we are ready to develop big data Spark applications. And before getting started with building Spark applications let’s review the languages which can be used to develop Apache Spark applications. It has many APIs like Scala, Hive, R, Python, Java, and Pig.

Scala – It’s the language where used to develop Apache Spark itself. Scala is meant for Scalable language.

Java – It’s most oblivious one which used to develop many big data Spark Applications. Spark even supports Java 8.

Python – Spark also supports Python APIs, where many of MLlib applications are developed.

R – And as of Spark 1.4 release, Apache Spark supports R API too, which is statistical language mostly used by many data scientist.

So, Apache Spark uses many languages in the big data spectrum.

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