31 selected articles from top news outlets - last 30 days

Enjoy the reading! Articles from WSJ, Forbes, HBR, The Economist, NYT, MIT and many smaller, relevant media. In random order, though more recent ones are usually higher in the list.

  1. Gartner's Big Data Definition Consists of Three Parts, Not to Be Co...
  2. Big Data Analytics and Fingerprints | Blog | Lattice Engines
  3. Big Data & The Wizard of Oz Syndrome (Data Doghouse - performan...
  4. Three Brands That Used Data to Transform Their Media Strategies
  5. Data Analytics as a Service - Form Follows Function
  6. Competitive Advantage with Data? Maybe … Maybe Not | MIT Sloan Mana...
  7. Why IT Fumbles Analytics - Harvard Business Review
  8. How Big Data is Transforming the Hunt for Talent - Forbes
  9. Computer Algorithms Rely Increasingly on Human Helpers
  10. Kaggle Aims To Connect Companies With Successful Data Scientists - ...
  11. Business intelligence trend: Data discovery and visualization repla...
  12. Why Big Data Mining / Analytics is the New Gold Rush
  13. Spreadsheets turned into video game
  14. Wanted: A Few Good Data Scientists - Deloitte CIO - WSJ
  15. How and why the Government is Stalking you
  16. The Medium, the Message and the Data Scientist
  17. Confessions of A Serial Analyst
  18. 14 questions about data visualization tools
  19. How long will I live? Interesting predictive modeling app.
  20. MBAs Can't Afford To End Their Math Education With Calculus
  21. Big Data Report
  22. Investors put dollars in big data
  23. Know the Difference Between Your Data and Your Metrics - Harvard Bu...
  24. 5 Reasons Why Analytics Jobs Stay Open For 6+ Months
  25. Stock market: should you buy or sell?
  26. Are data scientists overpaid?
  27. Internet Topology - Massive and Amazing Graphs
  28. The world is ready for the consumer-grade enterprise
  29. Vertical vs. Horizontal Data Scientists
  30. Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2012-2017
  31. How much does a data scientist make at Facebook?

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