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  6. Deconstructing Recommender Systems - IEEE Spectrum
  7. What will America pay to H1b job candidates?
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  9. Goldman Sachs invests $100M in 13-year-old big data firm
  10. 3 Key Traits to look for in an Analytics Leader
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  12. Data Science / Big Data Salary Survey by Burtch Works
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  14. Data Science vs. Data Analytics: A Refresher on the Differences
  15. 40 maps that explain the world
  16. An indispensable Python : Data sourcing to Data science.
  17. The death of the statistician
  18. Metrics: They're No Laughing Matter
  19. Banks End Resistance - Hunt on for Data Scientists
  20. The Challenge of Counting Heat-Wave Deaths
  21. How to eliminate a trillion dollars in healthcare costs
  22. How Abysmal Scientific Research Is Used To Scare America's Parents
  23. Data Science: What's The Half-Life Of A Buzzword?
  24. A Data Scientist’s Guide to Making Money from Start-Ups
  25. The Rise in Business-Analytics Degrees
  26. Will Data Science Forever Change Branding Strategies? Here is a Gli...
  27. Batch vs. Real Time Data Processing
  28. Who Has The Largest Predictive Data Analytics?
  29. The New Predictive Profession – Odd Yet Newly Legitimate

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