34 data science, big data, visualization and analytics articles from small and big news outlets - including MIT, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Wired and many more. Published over the last 30 days. In mildly random order - the most recent ones at the top. The first one is actually a sponsored listing. 

  1. Pivotal launch - this Wednesday. A new platform for a new era. (Sponsored)
  2. 50 Big Data Business Analytics Companies, from startups to industry...
  3. Big Data News Roundup: Correlation vs. Causation - Forbes
  4. The Excel Depression
  5. Should Data Science Become a Profession?
  6. Can we automate data mining? | Data Mining Research
  7. New, fast Excel to process billions of rows via the cloud
  8. Will big data mark the end of the Market Research Industry?
  9. The Chart Wars Have Begun
  10. Three classes of metrics: centrality, volatility, and bumpiness
  11. The Value of a Good Visual: Immediacy
  12. Who Should You Hire? LinkedIn Says: Try Our Algorithm - Forbes
  13. Key Big Data Terms You Should Know
  14. How to make the most of corporate data
  15. How Big Data and Analytics Are Transforming In-Store Experience for...
  16. The Potential and the Risks of Data Science
  17. New Test for Computers: Grading Essays at College Level
  18. The Face of the New University
  19. Google search: three bugs to fix with better data science
  20. Analytics That Tell You What to Do
  21. Mars zoom from 1/8 degree data
  22. Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software
  23. The amateur data scientist and her projects
  24. Facebook Data Provide The Most Accurate NFL Fandom Map Ever Created
  25. What Analytics And Big Data Can Learn From Lego - Forbes
  26. Data Is Useless Without the Skills to Analyze It
  27. Mathematicians Predict the Future With Data From the Past | Wired E...
  28. The Question All Smart Visualizations Should Ask
  29. BBC Two - Horizon, 2013-2014, The Age of Big Data
  30. You Can Benefit from a Rival’s New Product - Harvard Business Review
  31. Algorithms Play Matchmaker to Fight 7.7% U.S. Unemployment: Jobs
  32. Open Data Has Little Value If People Can't Use It
  33. Three Brands That Used Data to Transform Their Media Strategies
  34. Data Analytics as a Service - Form Follows Function
  35. Spreadsheets turned into video game

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