ScalaCL lets programmers run Scala code on GPUs with OpenCL. It also optimizes general Scala loops (on arrays, lists and inline ranges) often by a big margin so you'll want to use it even if you don't care about OpenCL.

ScalaCL is architectured around two components:

  • ScalaCL Collections: OpenCL-backed collections that look and behave like standard Scala collections (work in progress).
  • ScalaCL Compiler Plugin: optimizes Scala programs at compile-time, transforming regular Scala loops into faster code and transforming Scala functions given to ScalaCL Collections into OpenCL kernels
ScalaCL is part of the NativeLibs4Java ecosystem.

Note: ScalaCL is not production ready so please help by testing and providing feedback.

See: http://bit.ly/1ow9EVF

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