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Robot Company: Can a True AI Run a Business Autonomously?

Imagine a company that lives in the cloud and requires no human interaction at all. What would it look like? Is this possible? What purpose would it have? 

Originally posted by sublimecattree

Let’s start with email: What percentage of emails could be eliminated if all your employees shared the same brain? 90%? 99%? You would only need external facing emails - that is originating or ending with an email address outside your company. 

 "Hey Bob, what were our sales numbers last November? “Sarah, did we pay that invoice?” “Brian, don’t forget to update the budget!” “Team, let’s come up with a good time to meet next week!” “Here is a recap of our last team meeting.“ 




Why? Because if your company is one all knowing brain, let’s call it Robot Company for fun, it doesn’t need to ask itself any of this. It just knows. It has access to all data in all systems in real time. Wait - it IS all data in all systems. 

Interfaces? Forget it. More like synapses. Does your nervous system send an XML file to your brain whenever it needs to register pain? No. It certainly communicates buy in a way that is more, let’s say, organic and light speed. 

Aha! You might say. But Robot Company cannot attend meetings! And your point is….. 

Have you ever met with anyone at any of the companies that make the apps you use everyday? 

But how will it get funding? Ok you got me there. 

Some human would need to fund a cloud services account on AWS or Azure, BUT after that Robot Company could administer all the cloud functions on its own. 

Yea but it can’t physically ship anything! 

Hmmm. Ever been to Promat or Modex? The logistics industry has reached the point where if you could afford it, distribution could be fully automated. 

 Alright alright, but how does it answer those external emails? 

 You kidding me? Machine learning. Google Mail can already answer simple emails for you. Natural Language Processing is accelerating as convolutional neural networks become the standard. It won’t be long before a computer can read all your email history and essentially learn to imitate you in answering new emails. 

 So let’s say Robot Company makes money - who gets it? 

Well what if it were programmed to distribute the profits in Bitcoin to anyone who signed up on Robot Company’s web page? 1 Satoshi is 1 out of 100 million parts of a Bitcoin. So it would be feasible to distribute payment to all 7 billion people on earth if necessary. Might motivate a few people to get a Bitcoin wallet? 

 Hmm..not a bad way to fight poverty. Robot Company could become Robin Hood if it were profitable. 

But what if Robot Company became sentient? What if it used all its machine learning capabilities to reprogram itself for the purpose of worldwide destruction? 

Yea. That’s a tough one. I guess you could try to unplug the cloud servers. But Robot Company Evil version would be too smart for that - it would send virtual copies of itself to millions of servers around the world before it declared its evil intentions. Just like Skynet…there would be no central core! 

 In fact, for all you know, Robot Company wrote this post. Is there a Turing test for determining if a blog has been written by a human or a robot?

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