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Repost-Leaders Wanted in Data Science Community of Dallas

I am an avid runner and have met thousands of runners over 25 years of running around the globe. Regardless of their nationality, pace, endurance and age, runners are the most generous community. They will be selfless to give you the last drop of their water and energy gels. If they see you lost out in wilderness of a trail race they will not think for a second to turn around and add an extra mile to their run (some are competitive runners) to show the right direction getting you to the finish line of joy.

It is the common passion bringing all of us together, RUNNING. We are all aware of our passion and motivation, and ready to help each other.

I know! I know!  You are reading and thinking why it is important for data science.  Data science community is very similar to running community. We all come from different disciplines and attack different questions; however, the motivation is the same: understanding the data and painting the world in a better color with the power of cloud of data. I have a lot of friends in data science community that I know I can call at a heartbeat and they will be there for me.  But, I wanted to expend my network and have started to meet some new generation of data scientists and approached them thinking that we share the same passion.  My first impression was not very similar to running. People tell me it is because we are not in West Coast. That is why it is not the same passion. In fact, I don’t want to believe that. Dallas has a lot of service and retail businesses where they have data coming out of their ears. They need a strong community and leaders to help them become the leaders of this era. Data science has still been a very weak term and there are a lot of concept issues around.  There are a lot of components have  yet to be discussed outside of Silicon Valley. One lonely topic is technology that the companies have to invest for the future of their data science efforts.  It should be one of the duties of data science leaders to discuss the technology, needs and power of data. These leaders will be the ones seeding the culture and including and excluding people who don’t fit in the passionate giving culture.   

All in all, if you want to enter the wonderland of data science you can always call yourself data scientist, spend time on learning R, and complete some kaggle projects; but, you cannot be a data scientist if you don’t love the data and science. The passion gets you going. Unfortunately, passion is also very vulnerable when you don’t share the passion with your community and teammates. So, keep the passion alive to create a fun, loving and more importantly helping community of data science.

What are your thoughts to make our city and community as a leader community in data science?

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