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Reduce operational costs and improve data driven decision making in Big data Era!

Everyone is talking about data and Big data Whether it’s big or small, simple or complex, freely accessible or locked up in spreadsheets, everyone is worrying about how to get their hands on it . Every company has one or multiple servers, virtual in the cloud, on premise, or both based on the size of the organization. Those servers run applications, websites and other software, which all generate data. only a small amount of people have access to it. Now let me try to explain in simple word data which exist everywhere and big data is data which exists everywhere making it difficult to use or store using currently available database management tools.
But all these systems are designed and deployed in relative isolation from one another and operate in a linear or sequential fashion based on the industry and organization. It’s difficult to gain access to the data as it’s spread across  entire infrastructure for a single individual. Now the question is How can we provide insights instead of data. Data access is only part of the problem building service measurement  and analytical decision. The real fun comes later – in understanding it and taking action on it. Data itself is not the end game, but rather the raw material in the whole analytical process. To support a real time intelligent decision making process, If we can use Big Data technology concept for real-time, intelligent decision-making we may have to build some predictive and analytical model that can connect each application area and crunch onlythe  required data and provide the real time insight about the business, Infratstructure, risk,customer needs,growths, potential markets Gather all your  data, from all your servers, services and websites in one place and Visualize it. Make the right decisions based on the data visualization. This will certainly reduce operational costs and improve data driven decision making without the need of an expert on all of these disciplines. Using New technologies and approaches for real-time analytics using big data plattform and turning  data into actionable insight in real time, so businesses can react accordingly!!

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