Rapes and Thefts registered in São Paulo Polices Stations - Heat Map

I believe in the potential of analyzing public data, so I conducted an analysis of the data on rapes and thefts registered in the 93 Police Stations (PSs) of the city of São Paulo. The balls in the maps below represent the location of the PSs, and the size is proportional to the amount of occurrence recorded in the PS. The first figure shows the distribution of rapes. Since July 2001, offenses have been transferred to the closest PS to the crime scene, even if the incident report is recorded in another outlying police unit. From this measure, it can be noticed that rape cases happen in neighborhoods farther from the center of the city. In the year 2017 2,531 rapes were registered in these 93 PSs, an average of 27 records / PS.

About thefts cases, as can be seen below, they concentrated in the center of the city. In the year 2017 were recorded 193,591 thefts, an average of 2,082 thefts per PS.

All these data were obtained from the website of the Secretary of Public Security of São Paulo (http://www.ssp.sp.gov.br/).

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