In business, we often implement programs and then try to determine if the program had an impact. This is an example of program evaluation where, more generally, program evaluation is a study conducted with the intent of determining how effective a given intervention (program) is at achieving a specific outcome.

What types of programs? That could be a cross-sell program, customer retention program, new advertising method etc.

Is this just A/ B testing? A/B testing is a great start but there is a lot more to designing, testing and evaluating programs than A/B testing...and often you either can't do A/B testing or A/B testing turns out to not be random. I can discuss that more in a later post.

With that in mind, here is a 10 step approach to Program Evaluation taken from Evaluation Fundamentals by A. Fink(2005).

1.Posing questions

2.Setting standards of effectiveness

3.Designing the evaluation

4.Selecting participants

5.Collecting data

6.Managing data

7.Analyzing data

8.Reporting and disseminating the results

Notice the very first step is posing questions. What problem are you trying to solve? If you can't answer that then you are in trouble.

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