Optimizing your search functionality on your website

Your website’s search capabilities may be a potential customer’s first (or only) interaction with your website.  Customers who can’t find relevant products based how they search are likely to  abandon and go to competitor websites.  For many retailers, 30% - 40% of search queries are under-performing.  Underperforming search queries are costing you sales and customers.

Some examples of under performing search queries are:

  • Queries that return zero results
  • Customer searches and then exits the website without further browse
  • Customer searches and then searches again with different key words
  • Queries where customer did not convert

Please view the following Video for more Details:

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Comment by Vincent Granville on June 1, 2015 at 9:16am

I could not agree more. At DSC, we've replaced our previous under-performing search tool by a new one, much more user-friendly and powerful. It's to the point that we are even considering creating a search engine entirely dedicated to data science, using our search tool. We are also getting more and more traffic from internal search, by posting / tweeting search result pages such as this one or this other one.

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