Online Courses to Freshen Up Your Knowledge of Big Data

By now you already know how important Big data processing and analytic is in running a lot of industries in the world. It is a multi-sector industry that helps manage big data, monitor trends, improve business operations, and even fight crimes. Big data is used in so many industries that it is considered as one of the most in demand skill this 2015.

But just like anything else in modern technology, Big data trends are ever changing. It is right to keep on learning the trends and process on how you can adapt to the changes in this industry. Thankfully, there are online courses that can help you.

The courses range from basic big data courses, to advanced classes that will talk about the application and trends.

Here are some of the best big data classes offered online:

Big Data and Hadoop Essentials

The course is perfect for people who wants to begin a career in Big data technologies. Udemy, a one of the leading virtual schools, brushes the fundamentals to understand the cryptic Big data problems and how Hadoop can solve them. The best thing about this class? It is free!

Web Intelligence and Big Data

Coursera's take on Big data course focuses on web-intelligence applications essential in social media, mobile devices and sensors. This is based on the map-reduce parallel programming pattern. It is also anchored on distributed file systems, no-SQL database and stream computing engines. This 9-week long class is offered as a self learning course, which does not require superior essay and exam skills.

Duke University via Coursera
Data Analysis & Statistical Inference

Duke university in partnership with Coursera lets you delve more into the wonders of Big data technology. In this 10-week course, you'll have a deeper understanding of data collection, and data limitation methods and it affects range of interference. You will also have hands-on training on estimation and testing methods to test single variables that helps you make data-based decisions. This course is for free.

Harvard Extension via iTunes U
Massively Parallel Computing

Big data can quickly crush centralized computing approaches. That is why learning about massively parallel computing is a very helpful big data skill. This hands-on course under the famous name of Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, covers parallel programming models, multi-thread programming, cluster and cloud computing, and MapReduce through Hadoop.

Code School
Learn The R Programming Language

The class is divided into eight levels to better understand R programming, for data analysis and visualization, great from statistical computing and images. Every class gives you a deep and practical knowledge on the use of R language. Though the course is free, and focuses on fundamentals rather than advance lessons, its interactive format makes the lessons worthwhile. Plus, you don't have to worry about writing superior papers.

MIT Open Courseware
Advanced Data Structures

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an advance lesson on data structures and its important application on Algorithms, like that of Google. The study also talks about current directions of research and findings in data structure. The course, however requires you to pass an undergraduate algorithm class, or the open Courseware's Design and Analysis of Algorithms class.

There are so many lessons you can learn from getting back to class again. Sure, your profession gives you a personal insight on the latest trends of Big data process but an interactive, and informative class discussion that these virtual schools offer, helps improve your perspective of the industry you belong to.

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