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One Data Mining oppurtunity for Toyota Motor Corp

Toyota Motor Corp, because of its significant capabilities in the fields of data management and data services development. Toyota has already taken a bold step in creating a company dedicated to bringing cloud intelligence into the driving experience.

Further they have collaborated with Microsoft Corp. to consolidate much of the global research in telematics, data analytics and network security services as the auto industry expands connected-vehicle technologies.

Specific opportunity: For a particular route, we can identify the factors that influence the average fuel consumption.  Based on the data collected and for the same route taken by any drivers we can suggest them the most appropriate driving practices and also evaluate the trip performance. I believe that this suggestion will be more apt for drivers choosing ghat/ rough roads.

Variables: Legal speed analysis, Operational speed analysis, Engine temperature, Route choice, outside temperature, GPS direction, Trip time, Vehicle weight, RPM, Tire Pressures, Braking and clutch use, mean speed, mean speed excluding the stops, mean acceleration, mean deceleration, average length of a trip, mean number of acceleration/deceleration changes within a trip.



Evaluation: Our test dataset consists of some 5 - 10 trips of 5 drivers for a single route. For the first trip of the 3 driver’s there are no specific recommendation. For each trip we would gather the variable values listed above.

Based on the data collected, for the 4th driver we would suggest the appropriate driving style and target the average fuel consumption value, stated that the driver followed our suggested driving styles. And we would run the same process for the 5th driver as well and identify the improvements.

Here if everything goes as planned, then the firm can assign a monetary value based on the performance of the data mining method, because ultimately we are optimizing the fuel consumption which is a cost reduction for the customers and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Integration:  We all know that Toyota Motor Corp will leverage the power of data science through Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology to develop predictive, contextual, and intuitive services that help to humanize the driving experience while pushing the technology into the background.

So using the in- car accessories and the telematics analytics system can use the opportunity mentioned above and suggest their customers appropriate driving styles targeting the average fuel consumption.




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