NoSQL & NewSQL Database Adoption 2014

While MongoDB has been the most popular NoSQL database over the past few years, it appears Cassandra is most popular over the past six months. Many assert that Cassandra has superior scalability, better data management features, is faster and MongoDB has more moving parts and complexity to cause problems. Others claim Cassandra is difficult to learn and requires a major re-thinking of the data model and MongoDB is easier to use for developers with faster speed of development.

Differences between NoSQL and NewSQL databases are much larger than between SQL databases and thus determining which database architecture to use for a specific project is critical.

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Comment by Akmal Chaudhri on October 13, 2014 at 3:58pm

This looks like a chart from my presentation at NoSQL Matters in Cologne, Germany earlier this year:

Enhance your Curriculum Vitae with the right NoSQL database skills

The chart was actually predicted adoption for 2014.

I have an updated slide deck that includes more data and a large resources section:

Speakerdeck: Considerations for using NoSQL technology on your next IT project (better quality) or

Slideshare: Considerations for using NoSQL technology on your next IT project

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