NoSQL also know as not only SQL (structured query language) is a tool used for data design and management of large quantity of distributed data. NoSQL database comprise a wide range of architecture and technologies designed to overcome problems of scalability and big data performance problems. NoSQL is very useful when organizations have to deal with large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data or remotely stored data or information on virtual servers. Some NoSQL implementations that were launched in the market include Google BigTable, MapReduce, Voldemort, SimpleDB, Apache Hadoop and MemcacheDB among others. This database has enhanced scalability and offer superior performance which the rational database management system (RDBMS) was not designed to cope with. NoSQL database helps to manage large volumes of unstructured data and posses’ ability for quick iteration, agile sprints, and object oriented programming among others. Moreover, NoSQL database is flexible and easy to use and has scale-out and efficient architecture which is inexpensive. The type of NoSQL database includes graph stores, wide-column stores, document databases and key-value stores. Key-value stores find increased usage over the other type as they facilitate usage of session management, e-commerce and web based applications. Additionally, document database due to its basic and simple design are the second most popularly adopted NoSQL database.

NoSQL provides comprehensive solution to organizations to manage the big data generated through daily operations; moreover it’s increased usage for data analysis and storage and web applications drives the growth of this market. NoSQL database cater to a wide variety of applications such as management of web session, e-commerce and mobile application development among others, which in turn contributes to its increased adoption worldwide. Large amount of big data is being generated and processed regularly which has a positive impact on the growth of NoSQL market. NoSQL database have found increased popularity among customers as it allows organizations to process and store large volumes of data at less cost compared to RDBMS. Advancement of information technology (IT) and increase Internet access across the globe has propelled the growth of NoSQL market. Due to increased usage of IT, management of social media and increasing Internet access across North America, this region is a major driver for NoSQL market. In addition, Asia Pacific in terms of growth is expected to be the most lucrative for NoSQL market.

NoSQL market can be segmented based on application and geography. In terms of application it’s categorized into defense, finance and banking, geosciences, biotechnology, mobile and telecommunication and others.

NoSQL Database are in their pre-production versions which pose a hindrance to its market growth as the users are not well informed about the technologies employed. Moreover, NoSQL is an open source database so security of data is questionable. However, flexibility of various data models, elastic scalability, seamless operation with cloud and others continue to drive the growth of NoSQL market. Innovation launches and collaborative efforts from customers and vendors offer a positive upsurge to the growth of NoSQL market.

Some of the key players in NoSQL market include IBM Corporation, Aerospike, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Basho Technologies, Objectivity, Inc., MarkLogic Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Couchbase, Neo technology, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Hypertable, Inc., and others.

This research report analyzes this market on the basis of its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends. 

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Comment by Akmal Chaudhri on November 18, 2015 at 8:23am

I have been tracking NoSQL databases for several years, collecting publicly available data on skills and vendors. The NoSQL market is still tiny. Considerations and summary of data in Section 2 of this very large slide deck: https://speakerdeck.com/abchaudhri/considerations-for-using-nosql-t... Slides regularly updated with new data as I find it.

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