New Features In Angular 10.1.0 You Cannot Miss!


Why developers prefer Google's Angular app development for their projects? Keep reading to find out!


Mobile app development is gaining popularity all over the world. Businesses are trying to incorporate this tech into their process in order to bridge the gap between the users and the complete process. Not only they assure convenience, but they also help in accelerating the revenue funnel. But do you know what plays the key factor in locking the success of the application?


Can you guess it???


Well, selecting the right framework is necessary to create a seamless app as per the requirement of your target user base. It can either make or break the reputation of your brand. Hence, it is necessary to have a detailed analysis of all the available choices before making a final decision. Today, in this blog we would be learning about one of the most popular framework choices for application development. We would be exploring the latest versions, the advantages of choosing this platform, and much more. But first, let us just introduce this popular framework.       


 A Brief Introduction To Angular!


It is used for building applications. With its ready to use libraries and thoroughly defined architecture, it presents the developer's community with several options. Angular's generic functionalities can help developing teams to speed up their work, and also helps developers to deal with low-level concerns that are common to all applications.  


Latest Features Of Angular 10.1.0 You Have Been Waiting For! 


  1. For static evaluation errors, more insights have been added in the new version.
  2. In order to boost performance in the compiler-cli, the new version has a fix for performance regressions that affect incremental program reuse.
  3. Multiple big fixes are being offered to parts of Angular, router, and core.
  4. In Angular 10.1.0, an option has been added for absolute URL HTTP support.
  5. Now modification of lifecycle hooks can be initiated anytime before bootstrap.
  6. PrioritizedGuardValue operator is being applied for router performance. This is being done to optimize CanLoad guards.
  7. In version 10.1.0 canparse() diagnostics are exposed.
  8. ProgramBasedEntryPointFinder will reuse EntryPointManifest in order to load entry-point dependencies. This will allow them to avoid having to parse them again on every invocation of logic.
  9. In the latest version a new message extraction tool is supported. This tool will be integrated into CLI.
  10. Here you can witness the performance improvements that are being made. For example- in the compiler CLI, router, the ngcc compiler compatibility tool, and forms.
  11. In this version, the support of TypeScript 4.0 has been added to the compiler.
  12. In Angular 10.1.0, LinkabablePackageInfo is being added to the ng-module rule, for Bazel build tool. This permits the linker to properly link ng_modult targets in Node.js runtime actions.


What You Can Create With Angular?


Here is the list of a variety of options that it offers- 

  1. Mobile applications with attractive animations
  2. Single page web apps
  3. Progressive web apps
  4. E-commerce apps
  5. Enterprise apps


Here Is The List Of Angular's Superpowers!


If you are wondering why you must create your next business app with Angular, then here is your answer. Take a look!


  1. Ecosystem- The ecosystem is very active and it can help your project. There is no need to rely on third-party codes. Another add-on benefit is that the documentation is regularly being improved.
  2. TypeScript- It saves time and decreases the number of errors.
  3. Official libraries- The professional team supports the most used libraries, which means fewer errors. It also helps in boosting security.
  4. Flexible- It delivers off-the-shelf solutions to multiple problems, which allows developers to diverge from mainstream Angular.
  5. Testing framework- With out-of-the-box testing tools developers can build faster.


In A Nutshell 

These are the popular factors of Angular app development that everyone must know about. But this is not all, as there are several other important technicalities involved with it. If you are interested in shifting your brand on the digital platform, then you must consider this framework for the creation. Another factor that is crucial for the success of your app is a good team. So find a good angular app development company and discuss your project idea with them. Working with an experienced and talented team will help you to spread your dominance in the market.


The app industry can provide you with several opportunities to make your brand a global success. With the rise in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT, VR, etc chances of innovation have also increased.


Apart from Angular, there are multiple other efficient frameworks that you can choose from. For example, React Native, PWA, Native, Flutter, and much more. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. So what are you waiting for? Begin your digital journey today!


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any doubts, or drop your queries in the comment section. For more tech-based updates from around the world, stay tuned to this space.            

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