National AI strategies - A summary of major initiatives

AI is central to the future competitiveness of nations. Here is a summary of the major initiatives from nations who have declared a national AI strategy. I have listed the original source at the end of the blog. I have added some links in the case of each nation which I found interesting

United States of America

  • Defending the global AI leadership position
  • World leader in AI due to established cooperation structures between government, the private sector and universities: The state’s funding is focused on basic research,
  • while the private sector concentrates on application research.
  • Public funding schemes focus their efforts on the contextual adaptability of AI (what is referred to as the “third wave”)
  • Biden administration’s AI plans



  • Catching up and overtaking – with massive capital investment
  • The Chinese strategy is the only one of the compared documents that contains measurable economic goals and benchmarks
  • Efforts to centralize AI support and funding and to control the use of AI
  • Promotion of AI basic research through new institutes and apprenticeships and the recruitment of researchers through the Thousand Talents program
  • Training in what is referred to as “AI+” professions that overlap with AI
  • Development of thematic innovation platforms in cooperation with technology companies
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Great Britain

  • Outstanding AI science, challenges in commercialization
  • Promotion of AI through an agreement between the private sector and the government;
  • The Alan Turing Institute is the primary conduit for efforts to promote research and commercialize universities’ intellectual property.
  • Priority is also given to ethics and AI through a dedicated center and a planned international conference on the development of AI governance standards.
  • As a result of Brexit, there are also signs indicating closer cooperation with the USA.
  • Alan Turing Institute – Understanding Artificial Intelligence ethic...



  • Taking the middle course towards leadership
  • Network of interdisciplinary AI institutes (R3IA), focus also on niche topics Researchers have the opportunity of working commercially for half their time “Innovation playgrounds” and startup promotion
  • Administration: consulting and learning from “Station F” AI startups Network of voluntary experts for consulting and security (“AI Reserve”)
  • The French national strategy on artificial intelligence



  • On its way to becoming a top user country
  • High level of cooperation between industry, research and administration
  • Focus on adaptation, application and commercialization (e. g. in the health sector)
  • Main sponsor, Business Finland, awards “Innovation Vouchers” to companies and others
  • Protocol for International Data Exchange (“IHAN”)
  • Finland’s free Elements of AI course – a key part of their national strategy

South Korea

  • Hidden champion of the ”fourth industrial revolution”
  • Training of 1,400 AI talents
  • Expansion of AI basic research with a focus on brain research
  • Techparks (“Innopolis”) for close cooperation between science and industry “Electronic persons” and transitional licences in test zones
  • Covid 19 underscores the benefits of south koreas artificial intell...


  • AI research location with a long history
  • AI research for decades
  • A pan-Canadian network of university laboratories focusing on AI core research
  • Location of AI research labs of many tech giants including Microsoft, Google, and Samsung
  • Favourable immigration policies, grants and tax incentives; as well as special regulatory zones to encourage local and international companies to commercialise AI
  • New CIFAR chairs



  • On the way to “Society 5.0” with AI
  • Interministerial AI strategy and numerous government initiatives for attainment of Society 5.0
  • Three research institutes researching specific AI application areas
  • Cross-appointment system and reforms for increased permeability between research and industry
  • Adapted copyright law for text and data mining and adaptation to EU GDPR
  • Deregulation in special regulatory zones (sandboxes) and geographically defined strategic special zones
  • But: Hardware focus of large corporations (IoT) and only a few AI startups
  • Japan can win ongoing ai war


  • Startup Nation and Knight of the Cognitive Age
  • Doubling of research expenditure by foreign corporations
  • Military as a talent factory and innovation driver
  • Commercialisation of research by Technical Transfer Companies
  • Support programmes and incentives for startups and multinational corporations
  • But: scaling and added value from AI application research is generated abroad (especially in the USA)


United Arab Emirates

  • On the way to the user country with central support of the public sector
  • AI and technology as pioneers for a diversified economy
  • The first approach of an AI strategy in the region, the first AI Ministry of State worldwide
  • Focus on AI applications through public sector demand and strategic focus on the healthcare sector
  • Cooperation with India to develop the mutual potential of both markets for AI
  • Uae eyes ai supremacy key strategy 21st century


  • AI for everyone
  • AI for the improvement of education, health and other social areas
  • Focus on establishment of institutions to catalyse synergies between science and industry
  • Planned establishment of multi-actor institutions as nodes of a pan-Indian network of research (CORE) and commercialisation (ICTAI)
  • So far hardly any directives to implement the AI strategy, no prioritisation of areas of basic research
  • NITI Aayog national strategy artificial intelligence


  • How to think and act like a startup
  • Promotion of fundamental research not only from a technical point of view, but also in terms of ethical and social issues
  • With 100 Experiments, companies can submit problems for which there is no standardized AI solution and are referred to AI developers
  • Understanding of AI within the population through the AI for Everyone training programme
  • The [email protected] initiative offers customised consulting services in the areas of technical application for companies in early growth phases
  • Smart Nation - Singapore’s National AI Strategy

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National Strategies to promote AI Part One

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