MIT Sloan Management Review global executive survey on the intersection between analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT)

As an experienced analytics practitioner, we would be grateful for your participation in an MIT Sloan Management Review short survey enabling you to share your perspective as to how the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon is affecting your organization.

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The survey will take about 15 minutes of your time. Our objective is to learn how organizations can capitalize on the potential of the IoT. The widespread distribution of data collecting devices promises to generate an unprecedented amount of information about the ways in which we live and work. Modern tools and technologies are rapidly decreasing the costs of this data. But it is far from clear how these changes will affect organizations. This survey, conducted by MIT SMR, explores the prospective enterprise value of the IoT. It builds on our inquiry into the role of data analytics in transforming businesses. We look forward to reporting back to you on our findings in MIT SMR and with the publication of our inaugural IoT Global Executive Study and Research Report this fall. For the purposes of this survey, we have established the following definition for the Internet of Things: The IoT is a system of sensors and devices connected to the Internet that enables the exchange of large amounts of data. When you've completed the survey, you will have the option to enter a drawing to win an Amazon Echo as our way of thanking you for your time.

Take the survey now. And please pass this survey along to any colleagues or clients who could also share their insights on the Internet of Things.


Robert Holland
Managing Director
MIT Sloan Management Review

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