Microsoft Announcements Based on ML with AI

From recent years, Microsoft is attracting its users towards it with the integration of  advanced technologies,   it is offering unique and high level experience to the users. This time it's developers have created a high buzz in the industry, and attracted all the attention of the tech industry towards them. 

Now, Microsoft will be experiencing the new AI models, and will also improve the performance of the technology. According to the press conference, Microsoft developers will expand the functionalities of Machine Learning and AI will play a major role in the development process as they will be offering the high level of experience with Artificial Intelligence. 

In the Microsoft's developer Conference, The announcements were related to machine learning and how the expansion will boost up with the Visual Studio as well as they will be responsible for the several AI based tools.  A new AI supercomputer will be introduced or users can experience the advanced functionalities of Microsoft. Along with this, at the same time, Amazon has also introduced its whitepaper, in which they are instructing the devs to develop the cloud native based ML systems.

A new AI supercomputer may sound exciting, but not much is known about the system, which Microsoft built in cooperation with OpenAI, an AI research laboratory it teamed up with (and invested in) in summer 2019. The Azure-hosted behemoth apparently reflects OpenAI’s “dream system” sporting “285,000 CPU cores, 10,000 GPUs and 400 gigabits per second of network connectivity for each GPU server.”

As per the announcements, it can be expected that it is the foremost step to expand the AI based models. As the strategy is designed, it is expected that the unique and advanced level of experience will be offered to the users. To train the developers and set up the infr

And to learn more about it and train the developers  as well as to set up the infrastructure in the organization, it is a next major challenge to train the team. Now to turn the other Microsoft proficient, organizations will be required a next level of infrastructure to train them. 

In the Conference, Microsoft Chief Technical Officer Kevin Scott said, “The exciting thing about these models is the breadth of things they’re going to enable,”  He also added, “This is about being able to do a hundred exciting things in natural language processing at once and a hundred exciting things in computer vision, and when you start to see combinations of these perceptual domains, you’re going to have new applications that are hard to even imagine right now. ” 

With the new AI model, developers will be able to leverage the multi task functionalities but with the previous it was only single one. In the advanced one the challenge of language understanding will also be sorted out. 

The major goal of the large AI model is to provide high end training optimization tools and super computing tools resources are available with the Azure AI services to leverage the power of AI.

For the advanced level of integration into the AI massive models training system, organizations have to opt for the high level of supercomputing based infrastructure as well as they will require the different clusters of state of the art hardware, which are connected by the high bandwidth networks. Apart from this, they will also require the several tools to train the models with different interconnected computers. 

The advanced level of ML processings with AI will help in several ways among them the major part will be involved to improve the performance on the computationally heavy classification with the combination AzureML.

It is also important for the developers to know that they can leverage the functionalities with Microsoft’s IDE Visual Studio as it has also been integrated with the ML businesses  with the latest released version. Microsoft developers can activate Machine learning easily to the project with the simple right click on the solution explorer.  Apart from this, there will be several UI which will represent different aspects of the tools, which will support and will also support different ranges from text classification to anomaly and object detection.


These are the several announcements which are important to know about Microsoft. The above mentioned points have attracted a huge attention of the users. It is expected that in future, with Microsoft we can experience next generation AI and ML technology trends. It would be some major and attract a huge number of users towards them.

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