MATLAB toolbox on regime switching copula estimation and simulation

Hi all.

You may want to check out my code on regime switching copula models.The toolbox is designed to estimate the parameters of a regime switching copula model, assuming two regimes. Each regime can be described by any of the following five copulas:

  • t - copula
  • Gaussian Copula
  • Clayton Copula
  • Frank Copula
  • SJC copula

The correlation coefficient, rho, for the eliptical copulas and the copula parameter tau, for Clayton and Gumbel copulas can be either static or time varying. For the elliptical copulas rho is assumed to follow the DCC(1,1) specification, whereas for the Archimedean copulas, Kendall's tau is assumed to follow Patton's specification

The purpose of the toolbox is to estimate regime switching copula models. There are two main functions:

  • to define the model specifications: spec = RSCspec()
  • to estimate the model parameters: [theta, LogL, evalmodel] = RSCFit(spec, data, method)

there is a user script that can drive the user through the toolbox.

Read more here.(Mathworks) and here (Github). It includes source code, explanations, examples. Any hints, suggestion or invitations to project collaborations are highly anticipated!

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Tags: EM, HMM, MATLAB, algorithm, copula, econometrics, regime, switching


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