What is MDM and what does it involve?

MDM aims at referencing, managing and synchronising all the data across a company (e.g. products and customers data) to ensure the liability and preciseness. By using a good data management, the company will be able to simplify its processes, to avoid overlap and to ensure the quality and usability of the data. MDM has impacts on different levels for a company.  On the business side, it affects speed, agility, integration of the internal and external processes with partners of the company. On the IT system level, evolution speed and ease of use are at stake. Only an actual overview of the company activities based on reliable data allows a favourable business environment. For instance, concerning risk management, the control of data reliability and access allows organisation to decrease the number of contradictory information which are the starting point of many issues.


MDM, Data Warehousing and Data Marts consolidation

Until recently, there was no reliable software solution to centralize data from different fields in a global company approach. Moreover, in many companies we have seen a multiplication of the data marts (specialized silos of historical data). In these conditions, the business data has not been well managed, but today it is possible to reach an efficient management if the company relies on a group wide data base. The association of a central data warehouse and a specific data management solution ensure the company can respond to the challenges mentioned above and the success of projects led by users that can understand the data and make ad-hoc analysis.


MDM and Logical Data Model

A Logical Data Model (LDM) gathers for instance, the customer’s information from the accounts events and concepts relative to the product use. It gives a global understanding of each client for each department of the company. Therefore a LDM is a collection of clearly defined terms that structures IT systems and is used as the basis of the business data management.


Data Warehouse MDM Solution

For years, Teradata has led project aiming at implementing data to be analysed. However with the recent implementations of decision support services via operational applications connected to a active data warehouse, Teradata had to develop a MDM offer and projects allowing companies to manage their business data for all their operation and decision based IT systems. The Teradata components to set up a MDM solution are:

  • MDM Studio and MDM server,
  • Logical Data Model by industry,
  • Platform,
  • Services and Implementation Consulting


For further information, please visit: http://www.teradata.com/master-data-management

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