Manage performance of enterprise applications

Managing performance of enterprise applications and achieving high levels of Performance with minimum resources is topic of discussion in today’s large enterprises. Resolving performance issues is essential for database administrators (DBAs) when it happens however it is best to react to the problems proactively. Proactive management requires very high level of attention and to help make sense of the overwhelming data provided by the database engine.

In database management being proactive is essential because of its criticality, complexity and productivity. Formalized service levels reduce the tolerance for database downtime. Due increased number of features and metrics in new releases DBAs also face increased complexity form data volume growth and due to the fact the organization are deploying database at an ever increasing rate.

To address these challenges most proactive DBAs set clears objectives, about performance and the outcome. The also use high quality data to make better decisions. More urgent problems need faster resolution. Proactive DBAs may seek higher quality alerts earlier in the problem lifecycle, immediate visibility into root causes and options for automating recovery involving risky and time consuming tasks. Use of historical data to recognize degrading performance conditions and prevent them from causing problems is very effective.

Increasing the efficiency of existing hardware provides direct savings; For example, deferring a hardware upgrade by just a few months can be significant. The optimization process also generally improves transaction throughput, making for happier users.

Changes are required when new application code is deployed into production or platform components are upgraded (hardware, operating system or database). DBAs may have confidence that post-change performance will equal or exceed expectations. DBAs also need to anticipate workload changes and determine hardware break-points for applications that are subject to substantial volatility.

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