R is a free programming language for data analysis, statistical modeling and visualization. It is one of the most popular tool in predictive modeling world. Its popularity is getting better day by day. In 2016 data science salary survey conducted by O'Reilly, R was ranked second in a category of programming languages for data science (SQL ranked first). In another popular KDnuggets Analytics software survey poll, R scored top rank with 49% vote. These survey polls answers the question about scope of R. If you really want to boost your career in analytics, R is the language you need to focus on.

Top Tier Companies using R

  1. Facebook - For behavior analysis related to status updates and profile pictures.
  2. Google - For advertising effectiveness and economic forecasting.
  3. Twitter - For data visualization and semantic clustering
  4. Microsoft - Acquired Revolution R company and use it for a variety of purposes.
  5. Uber - For statistical analysis
  6. Airbnb - Scale data science.
  7. IBM - Joined R Consortium Group
  8. ANZ - For credit risk modeling

To see the complete list of companies using R, click on this link : Complete List of Companies using R

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