Linkedin Jobs, Disappointments and Big Data

I will not discourage you to put up application using linkedin job posts. However, I like to share my experience with linkedin jobs and other jobs sites utilization, that I did in the past. We all look for jobs and jobs are nothing but data, and these days, we can count these data as Big Data, as it seems every other organization is hiring, they need someone to serve. It seems linkedin jobs are always there and most of the time are recently posted by the employers. 

I am trying to apply using linkedin for almost a year, NOT A SINGLE reply I got in positive, NOT A SINGLE reply, that had a thank you and that the organization is willing to talk to me. This made me think many times that, why I am wasting time, however, when I started contacting my friends over the phone or, when I was speaking at some events about Cloud Computing and Big Data, people approached me in person or called me and we had discussions about the possible opportunities that I could explore.

Same old fashioned way of knowing people in person, made me get some interviews and later couple of job offers also, however I am still not disappointed, it is a possibility that the employers or recruiters might got afraid of either my name or my education or my hefty experience that I have of over 17 years, with two MS degrees in Computer Science and my PhD is about to be completed in Cloud Computing Secured gateway for Big Data Sessions.

This information that I just shared with you is not to impress upon you, it is to shed light that whoever might have seen my resume/CV possibly got overwhelmed or was afraid that if I might get in, how damaging that could be for some other executives, it happens (we all know the red-tapes or political comfort zones established by executives, no offense to them, it is always good to be secured with a job these days). I know in person an executive, who has no idea, what he is speaking, however just because, he is a charmer and can talk and talk and talk, does not let anyone else talk and builds castles in the air, is still surviving in an organization.

In my personal opinion it is wrong, if we cannot perform our job well, we should ethically try to either go back to school or get professional education to enhance our skillset or try to find some career, which is aligned with our skillset. This is exactky, what I have done, I did two MS degrees in Computer Science 10 years a part to make sure, I am not legacy, I feel good that I can still code and I can design an entire System's Architecture by getting details in depth involving as many stakeholders as I can.

Now let us explore Big Data, everyone is into it, however there are very few who actually know the depth of the ISSUE, which we call Big Data. This is an information explosion and the use of social media actually has spread like fire, and making life easy for a consumer, and creating BIG ISSUES for the service providers.

NoSQL such as DOMBA (http://www.domba.us) or Neo4J or Cassandra or Mongo are trying to assist, with few experts in the industry of Data Science to analyze this Big Data and find the golden needle. So, shall we find (job seekers) our golden needle from linkedin or shall we resort to actually calling people to see, if someone open a door for us, this is the main question for you all, who have read this article or for linkedin to see, how they can improve.

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Comment by Atif Farid Mohammad on October 29, 2013 at 6:21pm

Dear Don, you are 100% correct, however I thought to write it anyhow, so that if someone reads at linkedin can know that their portal is not that level yet, and they can step ahead to make it more better. Thanks for your good words. 

Comment by Don Philip Faithful on October 29, 2013 at 6:11pm

I personally use LinkedIn mostly to remain connected with past and present colleagues and coworkers.  Also, I find myself regularly visiting its groups.  I don't think you are too upset with LinkedIn per se but rather the stress that builds up after a year of job-hunting.  I hope you find much more success in the future.  Keep trying different approaches.  For me, job hunting is a bit like fishing.  Try different bait.  Look for different fish.  Cast your line at all sorts of places and times.  A bit of this is a matter of faith.  One's locus of control is extremely limited due to the abundance of competing labour.

Comment by Atif Farid Mohammad on October 24, 2013 at 11:05am

Dear Dr. Z, I am grateful, I do have a product ready to use, kindly give a try to:


kindly register yourself as a user and see, what do you think, and I can improve this Cloud Platform. I will be thankful for your review.

Comment by Dr. Z on October 8, 2013 at 6:52am

Anonymous applications usually yield anonymous replies (or in many cases, no replies at all). That's why I don't value this job-hunting strategy, although if you apply long enough, you may get some results. Not sure if it's worth the trouble though if you have enough expertise to do better things with your time, perhaps create a useful data product and put it online for potential employers to see. LinkedIn was designed for networking primarily and it's good to keep that in mind.

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