Leveraging Digital Engagement to Modernize the Customer Experience

In the digital age, businesses feel the urge to live up to customer’s expectations for contextual, spontaneous and entertaining experiences while engaging them across touch points. As new digital technologies emerge, contact centers have advanced from boring voice telephony to handy, agentless, self-service solutions to ensure a tailored, omnichannel customer journey.

Going beyond 2020, it is possible to extend digital engagement capabilities to contact centers with robotic technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (machine learning), biometrics and RPA (robotic process automation).

No doubt, their digital efficiencies will boost leading to an ultra modernized customer experience.


AI - The Most Vital Tool Ushering A New Age of Customer Engagement

The robotic technology is acknowledged to be the most productive way for driving customers to digital engagement. For many businesses, the effective engagement of customers on digital platforms has built positive B2B, B2C, and B2B2C relations. Digital technology stands where conventional or manual interactions could not, enabling businesses to provide an intelligent and personalized experience for a range of customers.

Just think about how much businesses have improved their customer experience by engaging them digitally, and how they are making the most of AI, ML and other digital technologies to step into a new world of digitally revolutionized engagement?

Change in Customer Behavior & Expectations

The present generation of customers, mostly Millennials, are becoming tech-oriented and digital-friendly. They are mobile connected, keep active all day and constantly interact on social as well as digital channels.

Above all, these customers believe in on-demand experiences that are appropriate, significant, immediate, and interactive. Moreover, social networks are powerful enough to echo their voice, giving them enough liberty to post their feedback (bad and good) or share their views regarding services, products, and companies.

The conventional marketing and customer support approaches like “Try it out and see what happens,” is no more going to work. It’s because there is a shift in the behavior and expectations of the new generation of customers.

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