Leverage Machine Learning to Boost your Social Impact

Machine learning uses a lot of data and algorithms to predict something unexplored. Machine learning is simplifying our way of living, communicating, travel and work. Everyone uses machine learning in their daily lives. There has been a data revolution in the last few years, which has modified the way we obtain, create and communicate with the data.

There are numbers of Machine learning consulting companies available in the market to guide. Machine learning is an integral part of the everyday operations of most of the companies either it is a big industry or a small industry. Apart from all sectors, the only sector which has not seen the push of machine learning services, the social sector.

According to a recent global digital report published by We Are Social and Hootsuite states that the number of people using the internet to search has hit 5 billion people in 2019. Every second, there are approximately 40,000 searches processed, which equates to 3.5 billion a day, or an incredible 1.2 trillion searches per year. Each year, humanity spends the equivalent of 1 billion years online. (source)

Impact of Machine Learning in Various Fields

We are using a lot of services and products related to machine learning in our daily lives. Machine learning is shaping the decisions that we make usually. Here we will discuss the impact of machine learning in various social fields. 

1. Education

The education system it made for the flock, not for an individual. Every person has different abilities to understand something, unique weaknesses and strengths. Here artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions play a vital role. It can help to customize a course according to each student’s abilities, need and skills. In the developing world, this can help to give the next generation learning like with the combination of AR and VR in the education industry now students are able to take classes and learn sitting at home without going anywhere. 

2. Healthcare

It is not shocking to know that irregularities in test results and wrong diagnosis of the disease are the most common causes of death in all over the world. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help here with advanced diagnostic capabilities of disease with better prediction of the outcome. The data is inserted in a database containing symptoms of all the possible diseases which help in the quicker diagnosis of the disease with better treatment. Most of the hospitals are using AL and ML to detect a tumour and cancer for faster treatment of the patients.

3. Transport

Likewise other industries, the transportation industry is also adapting technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning services. Now there are more sensors at roads like there was never before. With the help of machine learning, rail networks and pathways in the air can be calculated. In the coming future, an autonomous ship without any driver will be launched in the market by Rolls Royce and Google. In this ship machine learning and artificial intelligence will help to identify and track objects in the sea.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment industry adopts new technologies quite quickly than any other industry. Such as new sound, light techniques, editing techniques and much more. After introducing machine learning in the entertainment industry, it will change the consumer experience totally. On a movie set nowadays there are a lot of robots and drones which make the movie-making a less complicated process. As we can we see movies with fascinating visual effects (VFX). That allows movie makers to complete the whole process at a place with building sets.

5. Skilled and Manual labour

The most obvious shift we can expect from machine learning is the automation of industries. Now machines are taking the place of labours. Now there are many driverless vehicles used by the industries that are remotely operated from a control centre. You need only visit your local supermarket to see more self-service kiosks and less staff. But, here again, there is a limit to how far a person is willing to deal with a machine, and the human ability to quickly fix a problem isn't something machines are capable of yet.

Wrap up

The social and ethical impact of ML will continue to stir the world’s imagination. Its ability to process gargantuan amounts of data and recognize patterns in real-time would help create a new framework for problem-solving. ML is a force for good that can help finally resolve issues considered impossible by our world leaders. As many people have wisely observed, the dream of artificial intelligence and machine learning are not new in the world. It has been around since the very earliest days of computing. Machine learning’s time has come, and it is in the process of revolutionizing all of our lives.

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